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Medical Service Trips For Pre PA Students

Cape Town, South Africa

Hello everyone! I am Meghan Ross, a soon to be PA student starting in 2017. I’m here guest blogging for Andrea and am going to share my experiences and thoughts on Medical Service trips and how I believe they were a really big factor on helping me get into PA school. This topic is very close to my heart. Some of my best experiences of my life to date have been having the opportunity to take two out of the country service trips while in undergraduate school at the University of Missouri. I believe most schools have similar opportunities for those interested in service and medicine!

Service trips are not only a HUGE way to make your application stand out among the masses, but

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Attending the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) Conference 2016

In recent years I have made every effort to attend the AAPA’s annual conference.  However, I spent my early years as a fledgling PA wondering what the conference was like and if it was worth the hassle of travel and added expenses.  I encountered very few PAs who stressed the importance of attending the conference, therefore, I assumed it should not be high on my priority list.  I was wrong.  A few years ago I attended my first AAPA conference and immediately craved more of the camaraderie felt during such an amazing gathering.  This year it was held in San Antonio, TX at an beautiful conference center with phenomenal keynote speakers, PA Kevin Lacz and Terry Stone.  Here is a recap of my week at the conference!

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Life as a Physician Assistant Intro Video

Welcome to the first video on my new channel, Life as a Physician Assistant! This channel is dedicated to my life as a PA, including professional topics, daily vlogs, travel escapees, fitness adventures, and more! If you’ve ever wondered “What is a Physician Assistant?” then this channel will you show you first hand what it’s like being a PA. If you want to see more of these videos don’t forget to check out Life as a PA on youtube!

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